12/15/16: Magda WOD on Saturday

One of our members, Magda Sliwowski, was diagnosed this summer with Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy (ARVC).  This genetic heart disease forms scar tissue on the heart muscle causing abnormal irregular heart rhythms.

Before Thanksgiving, Magda experienced complications during a routine procedure — causing her to have emergency open heart surgery.  She has spent the past few weeks recovering in the hospital – and is determined to celebrate the holidays at home.

We all know Magda has the innate mental and physical strength to fully recover.  As her 908 family, we want to show her our love and support as she embarks on this journey ahead.  Therefore, we will be dedicating Saturday’s WOD in her honor.

Since she will likely still be in the hospital, we would love to film the classes and record words of encouragement to share with her.  Would anyone at the gym be willing to donate their time/services to making that happen?

Thank you in advance!

Skill Of The Month – Rope Climb

  • The focus for Thursdays in December will be rope climbs.  During each class the coach will spend time with whoever is interested in learning how to properly climb ropes. You’ll learn multiple climbing techniques and be able to practice proper foot holds in a safe setting.  It is recommended that you purchase a calf sleeve to protect against rope burn when climbing and descending.  You want to buy a smaller size so it doesn’t slide when climbing.  I wear a medium.  Here is a video from Jason Khalipa on two popular styles of climbing.

Today is Thursday Yoursday, which means all classes are set up like open gym.  You can use the hour long class to work on a skill, make up a missed workout, work on mobility, lift, or just enjoy the ambiance.  We will be programming additional squatting on Thursdays and Sundays.  Bottom line, enjoy the day.  Do some stuff you need to work on, and do some stuff you love.

Look Ma, no legs!
Look Ma, no legs!