CrossFit Games Open – Change of Plans

Hello All,

Sorry for the last minute change, but I didn’t realize the workouts are not being released until 8pm on Wednesday nights.  Therefore, Wednesdays will go back to a regular schedule.  The planned times for people who are competing and need to be judged will be on Thursdays @ 5:15pm and 6:00pm, and Saturdays at 10am. Disregard all previous posts I made about the CrossFit Open WOD times.

For those competing on Thursday, Wednesday will be recovery and mobility days with a short cardio based workout.  This Wednesday will be mobility and a 2k row.  For those not competing, the workout for Wednesday will be released tomorrow night @ 9pm.

Thanks, and sorry for the change!


1 thought on “CrossFit Games Open – Change of Plans”

  1. I work Thursday until late so, I cant get to the gym. I also take classes all day Saturdays. Is there any way we can open up the Thursday morning 6 am class to an approved CrossFit Open WOD time?