01/04/18: Afternoon Class Update – 6:15pm Only

Afternoon Class Update – We are hosting only one evening class tonight @ 6:15pm. And by hosting, I mean the coaches have the night off, but I will be working out. Feel free to join me. We will be open for one hour only, and we will be doing the workout of the day. This is not open gym. The roads are messy, but I know some of you are probably going stir crazy. Please only make the trip to 908 if you have all wheel drive and feel comfortable driving in these conditions. Thank you, and drive safely. *****If you plan to attend, please register on Zenplanner prior to showing up so I know how many to expect.******

Today’s Workout:

  • Conditioning – Teams of 3 – 5 Rounds
    • 3 min – Max Calorie Bike (Alternate as desired)
    • :30 transition
    • 3 min – Max 50 ft sled pushes (Alternate every 50 ft – Keep the sleds moving)
    • :30 transition
    • Intention – Goal on this workout is to keep the work intervals short, about :20 or so.  We are look for short, sprint like efforts.  Don’t spend a full minute on the bike, and don’t overload the sled.
  • Finisher – Collect a total of 3 minutes in a hollow hold  – 10 Air Squats every time you break
Veronica doing modified rope climbs, which I’m pretty sure are harder than regular rope climbs.

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