01/10/13: Yhursday

Thursdays are a programmed rest day at CrossFit 908. Our programmed workouts are M/T/W/F/Sa, with programmed rest/recovery days on Thursday and Sunday. As fun as training is, it is just as important to rest your body and recover from intense exercise. The types of things you should try to do on your rest days, be they Th/Su or any other day, are things that will add to your recovery. Mobilize, moderate aerobic activity, drink lots of water, eat clean food, get a massage, do yoga, play a sport, hike, sleep, etc. Don’t just sit around, get up and move. If you are feeling fresh, below is an optional skill and WOD for those who may have missed a day. Your goal should be to hit at least 4 of the programmed 908 workouts each week. Thursdays and Sundays are great days to make them up.

  • Skill – HandStand – Hold & Push Up
  • Optional WOD – “Annie”
    • 50-40-30-20-10 reps for time
      • Double Unders
      • Sit Ups
  • Finisher- Mandatory – Foam roll quads and IT band. Also, 2 minutes each leg quad stretch on wall.
Nicole Beth
Nicole and Jaqi