01/20/14: Squat City

Congratulations to all of the 908ers who competed this weekend.  Maureen completed her marathon, Bart took 13th @ the Shoreline Masters competition, Kevin J. took 2nd at the Shrewsbury Open Prep competition, and all three 908 teams rocked it at the SuperFit competition in Delaware.  Excited for the Open to start!  Make sure you sign up!

The week ahead will be fun,  ’nuff said.  Plan on seeing more open style workouts as we approach February.

Today’s Workout:

  • Back Squat – Every other minute for 10 minutes complete 5 back squats @ increasing percentages of your 1RM – 65%-70%-75%-80%-85%
  • Conditioning – AMRAP10
    • Max Rep Wall Balls – Sx = 14#/10# – Rx = 20#/14#)
    • At the top of every minute complete 7 burpees.  Workout starts with 7 burpees.
  • Accessory – 100 Double Unders For Time – 4 min time cap

I had a great time competing this weekend with Team Wildebeest at the Team SuperFit competition in Wilmington, DE.  I got to meet some amazing people who were even better athletes.  Most importantly, we were able to show a lot of people that being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes doesn’t mean you are automatically relegated to a sedentary lifestyle. Being active is one of the best medications for a diabetic.  If you have family members or friends who are diabetic, encourage them to exercise, it is important!

Myself, Catherine, Sarah, and Larry
Myself, Catherine, Sarah, and Larry – 2nd Place in the RX Division