01/23/14: Extra pair of shoes!

Hey All, it is that time again.  Please make sure to bring an extra pair of shoes to the gym so we can keep the warm up area clean.  We have purchased several shoe holders for you to store your snowy/salty boots.  Please use them!

Anyone up for a Nutrition Challenge?  Thinking a Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Sugar Free challenge that will allow some potatoes and white rice.  How does everyone feel about that?  If we are a go, it is going to start in the beginning of February.  Please post your comments to the blog.

Don’t forget…yoga resumes today at 10:15 a.m. Join Karen as she helps you to stretch, strengthen, and balance.

Thursdays are a programmed rest day.  Many of you couldn’t make it to the gym due to the gym being closed, so please come in today to make up a missed workout.  If you have been able to make it the past three days, please use today as you see fit.  Enjoy it, you deserve it!

JD locking it out!
JD locking it out!

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