01/24/13: Rest/Recovery Day

No Yoga on Sunday, 01/27.  It will return on Wednesday, 01/30 @ 7:45pm.  

Thursdays are a programmed rest/recovery day at 908.  However, we know that many of you have busy schedules and can’t make it to the gym Mon-Wed or Fri-Sat, so Thursday can be a day to make up a missed workout.  Also, it can be a day for you to do some active recovery like rowing/riding on the airdyne at a moderate intensity for 20-30 minutes. It is good on days like today to forget about the clock, and just work on some basic skills or movement patterns.  Listen to your body, maybe the gym isn’t the place for you today.  Maybe it is going home and relaxing or reading.  Make sure to hydrate, eat clean foods, and try to get some shut eye.

For those competing in the Freehold Main St. Pride competition this Saturday, focus on mobility today, and do some light cardio.  Make sure you are good and rested for Saturday.

February Nutrition Challenge

  • Starts – Feb 1
  • Ends – Feb 28
  • Info Session / Talk on Sunday, 01/27 @ 1pm – Ronald will be bringing samples of his Paleo cooking.  He is starting a cooking business for anyone interested in pre-made gourmet Paleo meals.  Make sure to stop by for some good info and food.
  • Score – This will be a challenge based on compliance.  I.e. whoever has the most points at the end of the challenge will win.  There will be some discretion on the part of the judges if we see some excellent transformations.  All score sheets and details will be emailed this week.  In addition we will be doing a before/after weigh in.
  • Signing Up – There will be a whiteboard sign up.  Everyone will put their names on the board and post their weekly point totals.
Lee in a great front rack.
Lee in a great front rack.


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