01/31/13 – CrossFit Hope For Kenya

  • CrossFit Hope For Kenya – February 16, 2013 – We are a registered affiliate and we are going to host this workout!  Many of you have participated in our events in the past i.e. (31 Heroes, Barbells for Boobs, CrossFit For Hope for St. Judes).  CrossFit will continue to pair with worthy causes and host events more frequently.  We, as an affiliate, are full invested in supporting CrossFit Inc.’s endeavors.  Please help us support this event.  CrossFit 908 is registered, so make sure to sign up or donate under us!  This will be the workout of the day for that Saturday, Feb 16, so please sign up if you plan to attend class that day.  

Today is Thursday, aka Yoursday.  Make up a workout that you missed, mobilize, recover, or work on a skill.  If you are at the gym Mon-Wed, Fri & Sat, make sure to rest and recover.

  • CrossFit 908 Nutrition Challenge – We are really excited about this challenge.  We have nearly 30 people signed up!  Some reminders before the challenge starts
    • Make sure to weigh in on or before Feb 1.  Email me your weight.
    • If you are interested in a benchmark workout.  Row a 2k.  Always a good one.  It will not be calculated in your score.
    • Make sure you have received both the Nutrition Challenge email with all of the details, as well as the Score Sheet.
    • Posting Points – Make sure to post your points on the Facebook nutrition challenge page.  If you do not have Facebook  you must post your points to the comments section of blog on a daily basis.  In addition, you will be required to post your weekly point totals on the whiteboard at the gym.  We’ll have a grid set up with everyone’s names and allotted spots for weekly point totals.

Erin recently went through some pictures from when we first got together.  We were not doing CrossFit, and more importantly we were not watching what we ate.  Erin put together a little before/after pic.  There is a 7 1/2-year time gap between the two photos.  What is the significance?  Well, if you continue to make good choices more than you make bad choices, you can continue to improve your health.  “Getting Fit” is not a race and certainly something that doesn’t happen overnight.  My desire is to continue to improve my health for as long as I live.  This Nutrition Challenge is your jumping off point.  From this challenge you can continue to make good choices, or you can go back to the old ways.  it will be your choice, but we will always be here to steer you in the right direction.  We wish you all the best with the challenge!  Game on.


7 thoughts on “01/31/13 – CrossFit Hope For Kenya”

  1. Thats awesome. You two look amazing. But more importantly, there are so many more things you can do now than you could when you were almost 8 years younger! Crossfit = Youth & Vitality