02//06/13: Row it, Throw it, Burp it

Happy Birthday to Mikeybabes Gallant, one of the co-owners of CF Jersey City, and undoubtedly one of the prettiest guys this side of the Mississippi.

Treat today as three separate workouts.  Get your mind right, and get ready to attack each one individually.  Go hard on each workout.  The rest is in there for a reason.  The Open is nearly upon us.  Conditioning is the soup du jour, and that sounds good, so we’ll have that.  These three workouts, while physical in nature, possess way more mental game than attempting to deadlift 600#.  You can always keep rowing, do one more wall ball, and hop on the ground for a burpee.  Be strong today, mentally and physically.  I expect great things from you all today.  I would love to see some of you post your scores to the comments section today.  Be proud of your work!

Today’s Workout – (Spend quality time mobilizing.  Also, get your heart rate up before you jump on for your 1k.  Practice some doubles)

  • Workout #1 – Row 1k – Time Trial
  • Rest 5 minutes
  • Workout #2 – 100 Wall Balls For Time (Sx – 14#/10# – Rx – 20#/14# – C-Rx 35#/20#)
  • Rest 5 minutes
  • Workout #3 – 50 Burpees For Time (Hands must touch behind head with feet off ground)
    • Record all efforts separately.  Do your best to go through this progression in order.
Joe and Caitie loving wall balls!
Joe and Caitie loving wall balls!

5 thoughts on “02//06/13: Row it, Throw it, Burp it”

  1. caitie formerly g

    What a perfect day to be pictured on the website… I’m coming back after my stupid long absence for the first time tomorrow! And my welcoming gift is 3 wods for the price of one 🙂