02/08/12 – 2011 Open WOD 11.5

Register now for the CrossFit Open! Make sure you list CrossFit 908 as your affiliate.

Lululemon presents CrossFit meets Yoga event – Held at CrossFit 908 on Saturday, February 25 from 6 – 9PM.  We are looking for this to be a big event, so 908ers make sure you show up and represent!  Bring your friends too!  RSVP with your name & others you are bringing to [email protected] by 02.21.12!

Dr. Christoper Stepien will be in the gym on Thursday, 02/09 from 3:30-8pm.  Please make sure you sign up in advance.

Saturday Classes – There are two class on Saturdays – 9am/10am.  You must register in advance!

Carbonara Egg Muffins – Chowstalker

Linda used to call these "fall downs," and now she is doing them in every workout! Great job, Linda!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – 20 min AMRAP
    • 5 Power Clean (145#/100# GC)
    • 10 Toes To Bar (Feet must pass behind bar at bottom and touch bar at top)
    • 15 Wall Balls (20#/14# over 10ft target)
  • Accessory – 3 x 20 Reverse Hypers / Hip Extensions
  • Stretch

21 thoughts on “02/08/12 – 2011 Open WOD 11.5”

  1. Hey Everyone,
    So apparently the weekend of the AC trip is also the AC Beer and Music Festival at the Convention Center. Check out the link below for information. I sent out an email about it too, but wanted to make sure I got everyone. There are two sessions on saturday, one from 12-4pm and one from 6-10pm. Basically they give you a cup and you walk around for 4 hours and sample different types of beers. It’s all you can drink. They have close to 80 different brewing companies attending. They also have live music (15 different bands) and tons of food. Let me know if anyone is interested. Check out the video on the website. Looks like a pretty good time.

    Ticket Prices:
    Individual online = $50
    Group Ticket online (10-15 ppl) = $47
    Designated driver (not drinking) = $10 (at door)


    – Bri

  2. +2

    Stupid question… is everyone subtracting their cheats from 14, or from the total accumulated at that point in the week? I’m doing the latter.