02/08/14: NC Day #6 – Super Cindy Saturday

Today’s Workout:

  • Tabata – Double Unders – 8 x :20 on / :10 off
  • AMRAP20 –
    • 5 Pull Ups
    • 10 Push Ups
    • 15 Air Squats
    • 10 Pull Ups
    • 15 Push Ups
    • 20 Air Squats
    • 15 Pull Ups
    • 20 Push Ups
    • 25 Air Squats…return to 5 pull ups after this point and continue in this fashion for 20 minutes
  • Tabata – Abmat Sit Ups – 8 x :20 on / :10 off

Below is a video of Nicole.  On April 7, 2011 Nicole completed her first kipping pull up.  On February 6, 2014 Nicole completed her first muscle up.  The greatest reward I get from 908, aside from the many lifelong relationships I have created, is seeing someone progress.  I live vicariously through all of your PR’s and “Aha” moments.  When someone picks up on a cue, spends that extra time on mobility to be able to overhead squat, or commits to getting stronger or losing weight, I’m beyond thrilled.  The message here is that if you try hard enough, you just might surprise the crap out of yourself.  Pick a goal, then ask a coach what the necessary steps are to get there, and then don’t lose sight of what you are after.  This is a congratulations to not only Nicole, but to all of you who put in the effort to make a better, stronger, more healthy version of yourself.

4 thoughts on “02/08/14: NC Day #6 – Super Cindy Saturday”

  1. Nicole, You always push yourself and do your best, and it shows!!! From pre-baby, to 9 months of baby, to post-baby, you are an inspiration and it’s awesome to watch!!! Congrats, girlfriend!!!
    xoxo, Dots