02/12/13: Paleo Food Fest and 908 Cookbook!

If you’ve ever been to one of the Crossfit 908 parties, you know how delicious, yet
nutritious, some of the food offerings are. If you have ever attempted one of the
“Nutrition Challenges” at 908, or even if you have only read and thought about
it, you might have an idea of how and why to eat in either a Paleo or Primal fashion.
We’ve often overheard comments like, “I wish I had that recipe!” or “How easy is
that to make?” Maybe you have even asked for someone’s recipe. Given the love
of good healthy food that we all have, a decision was made to put together a 908
cookbook to share some of your recipes and to help demystify the “complexities” of
the Primal/Paleo way of eating.

Here are the plans so far:

  • Start thinking about what recipes you currently have that you might like to submit or start coming up with new recipes and write them down.
  • The Nutrition Challenge is a wonderful opportunity to create some new recipes and get in the mindset of eating paleo.
  • On Sunday, 03/03 from 5pm-8pm, CrossFit 908 will host a Potluck Food Fest open to all members. If you would like to have one (or more) of your recipes included in the CF 908 cookbook, you will need to submit your recipe ahead of time electronically and then make it for the Food Fest. (You should be sure that you have tried this recipe ahead of time!) We will provide an electronic template and submission guidelines for recipes.  There can be no Food Fest without the “Food,” so we encourage you all to consider submitting a recipe.  
  • At the Food Fest, the participants will sample the entries, make comments (anonymously, of course), and rate each recipe.
  • A committee will then decide on the entries to be included in the cookbook (hey, it may be all of them, but if there are 20 recipes for pulled pork, we can’t include them all!).  In addition, please stick to recipes for meals and not desserts.  Here is an interesting article on Paleo desserts and why they are not helping you in a challenge.  

There will be more details to follow during the course of the nutritional challenge!
In the meantime, start writing down those quick and/or easy recipes that you create
during the challenge!

Today’s Workout

  • Skill – AMRAP2 – Double Unders
  • WOD – 5RFT
    • 5 Hang Power Snatch (Sx = 75#/45# – Rx = 95#/65# – CRx = 135#/95#)
    • 4 Hang Power Clean (Same as Hang Power Snatch)
    • 3 Push Press (Same as Hang Power Snatch)
    • 2 Wall Walks
  • Finisher – AMRAP2 – Double Unders
Brendan is about to break the slam ball!
Brendan is about to break the slam ball!