02/13/14: NC Day #11 – 9am/Yoga Canceled

Okay, so that didn’t seem to work out too well.  3 of 9 showed up to the 6am.  Roads are said to be slippery and there looks to be a band of snow set to hit us around 8-9am that could dump 3-4″ in an hour.  As much as I don’t want to, we are going to cancel the 9am class and Yoga.  Stay tuned regarding the rest of the day.

@HomeWOD – In descending order complete the following – 1:00 Plank / 50 Supermans / 50 sec plank / 50 Jumping Lunges / 40 sec plank / 50 push ups / 30 sec plank / 50 v-ups / 20 sec plank / 50 sec handstand hold / 10 sec plank / 50 burpees – ENJOY!

Organ Sriracha Chicken – Nomnompaleo

Thursdays are programmed rest days @ 908.  That means if you hit Mon-Wed, and plan on coming Fri/Sat, use today to mobilize and recover.  If you missed any of this week’s workouts, come in to make one of them up.  You can also work on a skill you are honing. Ask your coaches for help.  Enjoy your day!

Fortunato is no joke
Fortunato is no joke

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