02/21/13: Rest Day

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This Sunday, 02/24,  Ashleigh Kast, RKC II, USATFCCCA Sprint Specialist, Functional Movement Systems(FMS) Specialist and One Human Performance Trainer, will be putting on a kettlebell mini-seminar, going over the Turkish Get Up and the kettlebell Snatch.  If you don’t know what these are, you can google them and find a million different instructional videos, some good and some bad.  The kettlebell is an impressive implement, allowing you to span several exercises that can help you develop flexibility, strength, and conditioning.  The seminar will go from 12:30pm-1:30pm, and maybe a little longer depending on the attendance.  The cost is $10 cash at the door.  Ashleigh’s mastery of the kettlebell far exceeds my own, so I think it is a great opportunity for you all to learn from a Pro!

Today is a programmed rest day.  For those of you that missed Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, feel free to make up one of the workouts from the week.  For those of you that are resting, make sure to do some mobility work, and move around.  Rest days aren’t about sitting on the couch.  Make sure you mobilize, hydrate, and catch an hour more of shut eye.