02/23/13: Follow The Leader

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This Sunday, 02/24,  Ashleigh Kast, RKC II, USATFCCCA Sprint Specialist, Functional Movement Systems(FMS) Specialist and One Human Performance Trainer, will be putting on a kettlebell mini-seminar, going over the Turkish Get Up and the kettlebell Snatch.  If you don’t know what these are, you can google them and find a million different instructional videos, some good and some bad.  The kettlebell is an impressive implement, allowing you to span several exercises that can help you develop flexibility, strength, and conditioning.  The seminar will go from 12:30pm-1:30pm, and maybe a little longer depending on the attendance.  The cost is $10 cash at the door.  Ashleigh’s mastery of the kettlebell far exceeds my own, so I think it is a great opportunity for you all to learn from a Pro!

Today’s Workout

  • Conditioning – AMRAP25 – Rest 2 min between rounds
    • 10 Cal Airdyne
    • 20m Sled Push
    • 10 High Box Jumps
      • Given the limitations on Airdynes and sleds, we’ll make this a team-esque workout.  You will follow the leader of your team, so as soon as the first person is done with the airdyne, person 2 hops on.  Keep the flow going. If you find you are backed up, get in where you fit in.  First come first serve with airdynes and sleds.  Be courteous, and help push each other.
Ask, and you shall receive.  What's up, Gil?
Ask, and you shall receive. What’s up, Gil?


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