02/23/14: NC Day #21 – Sunday Update

Zoodles & Meatballs – Nomnompaleo

Just a heads up that the Sunday updates will look a little different for the next five weeks. With the coming of the 2014 CrossFit Open, we want to make sure we are planning accordingly as we will be hosting the workouts on Saturday mornings.  Therefore, we will not be announcing what Friday’s workouts will look like to avoid doubling up movements that will be done during the Open.  In addition to the Open workout being hosted on Saturdays, we will be hosting one Saturday morning class that will not be the open workout.  It will be @ 7:30am.  You can expect the Open workouts to be held @ 8:30am and 9:30am.  Remember, everyone needs a judge, so if you can spare a couple hours to help out, we would be more than grateful.  We are so excited to get so many new faces involved with the Open.  The workouts promise to be phenomenal benchmarks of your fitness.

The Test of Fitness – CrossFit Games

This week @ 908:

  • Mon – HPC + Couplet
  • Tue – Ring Dips + Couplet
  • Wed – CTB Pull Ups + Triplet
  • Thurs – Yours
  • Fri – TBD
  • Sat – 7:30am WOD + Open Workouts
  • Sun – Open Gym

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