03/02/13 – Fran Gone Bad

Nutrition Challenge – Please remember to email me your results.  If you dropped out, please also email me so I don’t wait for your numbers.  Congrats to all of the challengers.  Some really fantastic results coming in!

Competitor Class is still on today.  We’ll be doing a whole bunch of stuff.  Be prepared for a good hour+ of working out.

CrossFit Open – We are celebrating the conclusion of our week of Open workouts with a workout that was both the last Open WOD of 2012 and 2011.  It is a variation on the infamous “Fran” workout.  If you are too beat up from this week, just take a rest.  However, if you are chomping at the bit for a little more before the first official 2013 open workout, get your butt in the gym and get after it!

Sign up for the Open! – I posted this last year right around this time, and I think it still holds true.

Hey 908ers,

You should register for the 2012 (now 2013) CrossFit Games Open.  Why, you ask?  Well, for the same reason that you sign up for a 5k, triathlon, marathon, tough mudder, spartan race, etc.  It’s about going a little out of your comfort zone to try something new.  It’s about being a part of this CrossFit community that you believe in.  It’s about trying your best and seeing where your best gets you, and then bettering that over the next year.  I know plenty of people in the gym who have run marathons.  I don’t know anyone who has won a marathon.  Get my point?  Just because you are not going to win does not mean you should not sign up. It’s $20 for 5 weeks of fun workouts.  Register now for the CrossFit Open! Make sure you list CrossFit 908 as your affiliate.  There are already 54 athletes signed up through CrossFit 908!  This is going to be a blast.  Everyone should plan on completing the Open workouts Saturday mornings @ 9am.  This time slot will be limited to just those who have signed up for the Open.  If possible, we would love it if people could hang around for a little extra on Saturdays so we can have ample judges.  We’ll most likely be running multiple heats to ensure proper judging.  Make up workouts can be done on Thursdays or Sundays.  Make sure you get yourself a judge!

Today’s Workout

  • 15 minutes to build to a heavy thruster
  • WOD – AMRAP7
    • Increasing Rep Scheme – 3/3-6/6-9/9-12/12-15/15-18/18-21/21….
      • Thrusters (100#/60#)
      • Chest to Bar Pull Ups (Use a band if necessary)
  • Finisher – 300m Farmers Carry (100+/70+)
Dror, what a good dude.  Smiling after a workout means you are super badass.
Dror, what a good dude. Smiling after a workout means you are super badass.


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