03/03/13: Sunday Update

The first workout of the 2013 CrossFit Open season will be released this Wednesday evening @ 8pm.  Therefore, I am holding off on programming for Friday until I know what the workout will be.  I will make suggestions for what all of the competitors should be doing on Friday if they plan to do the workout on Saturday morning.  Depending on the workout, Saturday’s 8am class will also give the Open workout a shot, but it will not be judged.  Official judging starts at 9am on Saturdays.

The Week Ahead:

  • Mon – Front Squat + Couplet
  • Tue – Bench Press + EMOM
  • Wed – Strict Pull Ups + Couplet
  • Thurs – Yours
  • Fri – TBD
  • Sat – CF Open WOD 13.1

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