03/05/10 – Strength and Sprints – Day 5

Saturday Schedule Update – The only class held this Saturday will be a group CrossFit WOD @ 9am.  There will NOT be a Fundamentals or Free class on Saturday.


CrossFit 908 Night Out – Part Deux! – Delicious Heights @ 8pm on Thursday, March 11. Steve promises not to drink, so don’t be afraid to show up.

Tough Mudder – Team “CrossFIt 908″ now has 21 members!  They seem to be letting more than 20 people per team, so if you know anyone interested tell them to click the link above and sign up.  Our start time is 11am.

Links –

Sharon Deadlifting
Sharon Deadlifting
Erin deadlifting and Suz doing a hang power clean
Erin deadlifting and Suz doing a hang power clean

Schedule –

  • Foam Roll / Mobility Warm up
  • Strength – 30 Muscle-ups for time.  CrossFit suggests a 4-1 substitute of pull ups and dips for each muscle up. We are going to cut that down to 3-1 or even further for anyone who needs to scale down.  Therefore, if you cannot complete the 30 muscle-ups, do 90 pull ups and 90 ring dips.
  • Sprints – Tabata Mash Up – Double Unders & V-ups.  A total of 16 rounds of 20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds rest alternating between the two.  If you can’t do double unders, you guessed it!  You are doing tuck jumps.
  • Stretch / Relax – it’s Friday!

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