03/06/12 – New-trition Challenge Anyone?

Free Range Happy Chicken Eggs – Our very own Victoria has been selling eggs at the gym.  They are $3 per dozen.  She has capacity for up to 6 dozen per week.  We will set up an envelope in the office.  I buy at least a dozen per week, and you can honestly tell a difference with the quality of the egg.  There are a few dozen in the office fridge.  If you want a dozen, just ask one of the trainers to grab them for you.

New Nutrition Challenge! – Back by popular demand!  We are going to do a Nutrition Challenge, but we’re changing some things.  Here are some of the details….

  1. 8-Week Paleo/Primal Challenge i.e. Get yo a$$ in shape for summer challenge!
  2. $25 Entry Fee – $5 for every cheat is added to the pot.  Winners will receive cash prize.  No refunds!  If you “quit,” you have to pay for every cheat you had up until you decided to quit.  Don’t pull any nonsense.
  3. Two types of challenges.  One will be weight loss % based, and one will be performance based.  There will be a benchmark workout and a benchmark lift.  For the performance challenge, the winner will be decided by overall improvement.
  4. Point System for nutrition compliance.  Did people like the last point system?  How many times per week should people have to post?
  5. ETA is next Monday, 03/12/12.  Please post all comments to the website.

Dr. Chris Stepien is in Thursday night!  Sign up!

Dear Mark: Do Perfect Foods Exist? – Mark’s Daily Apple

Melissa making swings look easy!
Tim S locking it out!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Strength – Push Press 3×10 @ 70%
  • WOD – 5 Rds
    • 1 min – Double Unders
    • 1 min – Burpees
    • 1 min – Rest
  • Accessory – 3 x 25 GHD Hip Extensions
  • Stretch

34 thoughts on “03/06/12 – New-trition Challenge Anyone?”

  1. My body needs this nutrition challenge as I had an incident with cheese fries and gravy and a S load of vodka this weekend and my body does not like. At all. I need like a paleo half-way house. Clearly not ready to be let out into the normal world. So, sign me up. Plus, I’ve missed commenting on website so much.

  2. 3rd try at paleo must work! However..I foresee difficulty in April when in Aruba…could become a very expensive vacation if we r held to the one drink limit. I will be broke by noon daily! :).

  3. I think it’s gonna be two ounces of alcohol so technically depending on what you drink, you could have two drinks and be ok! 🙂

  4. I’m IN!
    How much value do the points really add? Why not a weekly weigh in (as long as Patty-Cakes gets his grumpy face off at 6am when we want to actually weigh in). Can we post (under trainer supervision) % drop weekly? Winner takes the ‘pot’ at the end, dont get complicated with cheats and fines. Weekly percentage weight loss would be motivation enough (and we can stick a big spreadsheet on the office door for all to see)

  5. Bri just forwarded me a Nutrition Challenge that they did at CrossFit Garden City. It looks really user friendly. You will keep track of your nutrition, sleep, hydration, and training. You won’t have to post to the website. We will keep it at a $25 entry fee. No charges for cheats. We’ll have to decide on how many cheats until you are eliminated from the competition. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter so you can receive the email that gets sent. Keep posting ideas!

    1. I like this idea of just having a spread sheet to fill in daily at home. I’m gonna stick by my original idea of 3 buil in cheats so maybe after X number of cheats (whatever is decided on) you are on the honor system for $5 kicker per cheat.

      I love the hydration part… I felt that was something I was lacking last challeneg

  6. Are there definitely going to be two types, performance and weight loss? I may be interested in performance so just curious

  7. I am definitely down for doing both the weight loss and the performance challenge…however, what is the alcohol rule?

    Do you think we can do measurements as well? Sometimes weight drops in inches as opposed to the scale. I vote before and after photos as well!!

  8. Is there any merit to a goal oriented challenge? Buy in for $25. If you reach your posted goal you get your money back. If you fail your money goes to the kitty for those that do reach their goal to split.

  9. I think measurements are a great idea Em! I would like to approach this challenge a little differently and make it more sustainable for life as opposed to what I did last challenge i.e. never taking a cheat and not ever having a drink (especially that part;). We all know that’s not real life for me or any of us for that matter. What is a reasonable amount of “cheats” for 8 weeks? 4-6? Tim Carroll?…..You the guru…..

  10. Hey Tim, while I’m psyched I made the site, I don’t appreciate you Photoshopping my push press to make it look like I was doing 75 pounds when I was really doing 135. Not cool man, not cool.

  11. I like Linda’s idea…I think it’s a little risky because we may get discouraged if we don’t see the results weekly that we are expecting, but I think it would add a fun “Biggest Loser” aspect to the challenge. Before that weekly weigh in–last chance workout!
    I also like the idea of winning a pot of money. There is an expensive pair of shoes I want for the summer and that just might be the right motivation…

  12. Sign up for NCAA Tournament and down for another challenge!!! I think Linda has a great idea too and I think the money should be used for a night of drinking 🙂 not shoes!

  13. Based on my picture above, I need to do the challenge. However, I do really well for about two weeks and then, I’m found with my head buried in a box of fruit loops. Plus, even though I’m on the wagon right now, this girl loves her wine.

  14. I’m thinking of it… but I have a week at my dad’s in early April and his idea of food (which he insists on “preparing”) is big gooey muffins, pancakes, french toast, sandwiches with chips, pasta/lasagna, beer, lotsa wine, a bowl of ice cream every night, etc. And we go out to dinner a lot while there. I may start and then just try my best for that week. I need to get back to eating better and drinking less.

  15. How about a Team challenge full on Biggest looser style with points for loss and performance gain.

  16. Jim, like split into two groups? That is a pretty good idea…I know I might be really inspired to stick with it so as not to let anyone down. But I draw the line at a weigh in in only a sports bra in front of a live audience.

      1. Ps this is Carly… I didn’t know I was using jakes account lol but he would wear a tutu anyway

  17. Nutrition Challenge. Not a chance. I dont have enough money in my bank to cover the cheats.

  18. I really really really really like the idea of the two teams and having a “biggest loser” type competition. Definitely motivation to do well for your team..

    Whatever we decide to do, I think it’s going to be great! Except, I’m allowing myself one cheat night a week…just so I can get “cray b!tch” wasted….other than that, balls to the wall…or snatch to the wall?? whatever.

  19. the last challenge was fun, but didnt leave me with much else to lose, so performance would be great

  20. I’m in on this nutritional deal. I’ve heard that slap a box is good for burning calories. Snatch to the wall!

  21. PS just realized how perfect the timing is… this challenge ends the day before my 2nd wedding celebration! now there’s some motivation 🙂