03/08/12 – 12.3 Open WOD

Tonight’s Open WOD – If everyone can try to show up a little early that would be awesome.  This is a long workout, so we’re going to have to run some big heats.  10-15 people per heat.  See you there!

Core Stability From The Inside Out – Mike Reinold

Dr. Chris Stepien is in the house tonight!  Sign Up!

Juan is 39th in the world in the men's masters 50-54 age group!
Eric and Jason pushes through 135# snatches

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Goal work or make up a missed workout.  Open workouts will be held at 5:15 and 6pm.  If you can get in early, please do so.
  • Stretch

7 thoughts on “03/08/12 – 12.3 Open WOD”

  1. Juan, I am honored that we share the same birthday!! Amazing job!

    Good luck to everyone tomorrow- I won’t be there, I have to work 🙁 But trust me, I am cheering for you all every day! 908 is going to kill this one!

    Kick a$$!!!

  2. So awesome Juan! I’m rooting for you to make it to the Games!!

    On another note, Berkeley Heights is having its own beer festival on Saturday, May 12. A portion of proceeds go to St. Jude’s. This could be a fun, local outing! Tickets are $30 if bought by end of month, and $24 each if you buy 5!


  3. Erin – I’m in for May 12th – Ill def buy my ticket. Good luck to everyone tonight – go 908!

    1. Maybe I’ll start a sign up sheet at the gym, so we can buy in groups of 5 so it’s cheaper!

  4. Thank you all for the great support. It has been a wonderful experience to meet such great people