03/11/13: Monday Work That Bunday

Save The Date – Saturday 04/27- Fundraiser @ CrossFit 908 for a young girl named Brooke Healey.  In my opinion, the thing that makes CrossFit 908 so special is the people.  We have this unbelievable community that is willing and wanting at all times to help each other.  Well, I can think of no better reason for us to come out and give to our community than for the life of a young girl.  Read below….

Brooke Healey is a 4 year old girl from New Providence, NJ USA and has been diagnosed with a rare brain tumor called a DIPG. DIPG’s are considered the worst type of tumor in the worst possible location. The tumor resides in the Pons sack located at the top of the brain stem. The Pons is responsible for all vital functions and any attempt to operate and remove the tumor has been 100% fatal. Radiation will help to shrink the tumor temporarily, but will not stop it from growing.

The Healey family will be forced to seek alternative approaches to fight this battle on behalf of Brooke and will incur lofty medical expenses along the way. Since there is no clinically tested method of treating this tumor, other than the short term effects of radiation, insurance will not cover most of the costs of any treatments beyond radiation therapy.

In an attempt to find an answer for their daughter, the family will have to explore clinical trials and possibly look outside the United States. In either scenario, travel and medical expenses are estimated to build upwards of $200,000 or more.

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E-mail [email protected] for any questions regarding this event.

CrossFit Open – As I sit here and type this, CrossFit 908 is sitting in 23rd place out of 243 teams.  That is subject to change as more people submit their scores, but I couldn’t be more proud of what our gym has accomplished already in the 2013 Open.  This week’s Open workout was a bear!  I have done few workouts that have made me feel as bad as this one did.  Many of you went into the workout with no expectations and surprised yourself with how well you did.  That’s what the Open should be about.  It should be about testing your current capacity, working your butt off, figuring out what you could do better next time, and walking away with your head held high.  Congratulations to everyone who gave the 13.1 workout a shot this week.  For those of you not signed up for the open, try giving 13.1 a shot on a Thursday, or try any of the workouts that get released over the next four weeks.  Who knows, maybe you’ll surprise yourself!

Week Ahead:

  • Mon – Lunges + Chipper
  • Tue – Pull Ups/Muscle Ups + 2K Row Time Trial
  • Wed – Cleans + Chipper
  • Thurs – Yours  13.2
  • Fri – TBD
  • Sat – 8am – Variationo of 13.2 / 9am – 13.2

Today’s Workout

  • Strength – 5×5 Front Rack Reverse Lunges (Barbell – Cleaned from floor, 5 on each leg alternating)
  • WOD – For Time – 60 Dumbbell Thrusters (Sx -20#/15# – Rx =40#/30# – CRx = 100 DB Thrusters @ 40#/30#)
    • At the top of each minute complete a 30m Shuttle (5m down / 5m back / 10m down / 10m back)
  • AMRAP2 – Strict Pull Ups
Facebook tells me it's your birthday.  Hope you slammed lots of balls in celebration!
Facebook tells me it’s your birthday. Hope you slammed lots of balls in celebration!