03/13/12 – Mathletics

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Nutrition Challenge Benchmark Lift – 2 minutes Max Rep Back Squat (Men – @100% Bodyweight / Women @ 75% Bodyweight) You must be judged by a trainer.  Make sure to sign up on the whiteboard for the challenge so I can send  you an email with all of the pertinent information!  The email will include a list of good and bad foods, a score sheet, and some other goodies.  I know you all have a million questions.  Let me get this email out, and then we can get some questions answered.

Erin and Megan working hard! Miss you Er!
Bob using a sumo stance

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – For Time – Pay attention, this is going to get weird….
    • 100 – Max Unbroken Wall Balls (24#/20#) + 29 = Hand Release Push Ups
    • 75 –  Max Unbroken Pull Ups + 29 = Kettlebell Swing (53#/35#)
    • 50 – Max Unbroken Double Unders + 29 = Hip Extensions
    • 25 – Max Unbroken HSPU + 29 = 2-for-1 overhead walking lunge (45#/25#)
      • Move from wall balls to HR Push Ups to Pull Ups to KB Swings and so on.  Rest only as needed.

45 thoughts on “03/13/12 – Mathletics”

  1. You are right, this does get weird. The only part that makes sense is the 29…..Happy Birthday, Tim!

  2. So, for the first exercise (as an example) we take the number of max wall balls we can do, subtract that number from 100, then add 29 to the result and do that many hand-stand push-ups, right?
    Happy Last Year of Your 20s, Tim! 😀

  3. wohoo! I suck at all the first parts of the equations (I don’t remember the mathematical term for the first part of an equation) so this will be fine!

    🙂 happy birthday, coach carroll!

  4. oh- I just read Torrey’s comment…I didn’t understand the WOD. This will NOT be fine lol.

    1. Haha–I have no idea if my calculation is correct–that’s just what happens when you give a copywriter numbers to throw around. 😉

  5. Happy birthday, Teeeeeeeeeem!!!! Thank you for motivating and inspiring me everyday! Hope you have the best bday ever! 🙂

    Unfortch I won’t be able to make this wod.. looks good but I think it would take this Asian longer to do the math than to do the movements.. haha!

  6. That looks like such a kick ass work out! I wish I could come! Perhaps I’ll get to do it on Yours-day?

  7. This looks confusing and I plan on busting your balls about it tomorrow even though it’s your birthday:)
    Thank you for all you do…..Everyday, you make all of us better. Is anyone crying? Happy Birthday, Tim!!!

  8. WHAT THE FUCK TIM!!!!! I’m seriously chucking that wall ball at your head. But happy B-day!! 🙂

  9. happy bday, tim! thanks for building such a great community at 908! can we go into the negatives with this workout?

  10. Happy Birthday to my baby brudder!!! I love you so very much, and I am so very, very proud of the man that you are :). You inspire me and motivate me and for that, I thank you!! You have made 908 so wonderfully successful and you are a true example of what you teach, coach and believe. I look up to you ;). With love, Dots
    p.s. Of course, I’ll be at the nooner for this one!! I better see my noon peeps tomorrow for TC’s bday workout!! :). xoxoxoxo

  11. Happy birthday Timmy, looking forward to figuring out this workout and actually doing it! 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday Tim! I hope you have a fantastic day. It’s a good thing you have fitness and youth on your side because you have clearly lost your mind. 🙂

  13. Happy Birthday Coach! Thanks for everything. Hope you have a great day!

    I’m at a double disadvantage, I’m blonde and I’m not good at math… but i’ll try my best to figure out this WOD!

    If we weren’t able to do the benchmark workout yesterday for the nutrition challenge, when can we make it up?

  14. Happy Birthday Tim!!! Very upset I can’t make it to your crazy bday WOD. Thank you for all the motivation and inspiration you have given us all at 908. You Rock!!

  15. Happy Birthday Tim! Math is my favorite subject, yay!

    Also on this day in 1781 William Hershel discovered Uranus…..um……yeah…..awkward.

  16. Pat has come across a great abacus. We were thinking about ordering a bunch. I know we have interest in zero so far. Cost will be about $5. You can keep it at home or leave it at the gym and put your name on it. They are super fast, and I think it is the best I have ever tried. Ask Pat to try his, and then post your interest to the comments section.

  17. JAMES Ridgewood

    I stopped reading as soon as I saw the title. I’ll just do reps until you tell me to stop. Normally I really only like even numbers but 29 is actually my favorite number. Maybe why that’s why you are my BFF and im your business advisor. First point of business, confuse clients with quasi science and use terms like functional movements and fulcrum but this math shit is fucking ridiculous.

  18. Happy Birthday Tim – sure I believe you’re 29! Of course, we 22-year-olds can be very gullible.

  19. Hey, glad i checked in, happy birthday Tim, keep it ‘roccin’ at CF 908. Not sure i’m digging this crazy work out as i have difficulty counting at the first signs of fatigue.

  20. Happy birthday Tim! Unfortunately I’ll miss this WOD. My WOD 4 hrs amrap max ski runs!

  21. Happy 29 Mr. Timothy F Carroll! Even though I didn’t have a clue what I was doing this morning, I can rest my head sure as roach bug’s back you are having a rock and roll birthday tonight. Thanks for being my first friend in NJ.