04/25/12 – Run. Fast.

The Whole9 Five Movements Series: Part 1 – Whole 9

Hey guys!  We are looking to get shirts made to support Tim at regionals.  They will be finalized this week, but will most likely be American Apparel short sleeved 50/50 T’s with the 908 logo on the front, and on the back reading CARROLL at the top, and 908 in the middle (similar to the look of the back of a jersey).  Anyone have any better ideas?  We will be pre selling them, so if you are interested please comment to the blog, and what size you will want!  I will make a list at the end of the week with everyone who wants one, so please make sure you signed up for one on the blog because there won’t be any extras!  They will probably be around the $20-25 range.

Also, I know I asked people to comment on the blog as to what nights they wanted to stay at the Holiday Inn for Regionals.  I am putting a clipboard on Tim’s desk with a signup sheet.  Please indicate which nights you are definitely staying.  I’m trying to figure out room situations within the next week.  Also, don’t forget to buy your regionals ticket HERE.

Thanks, Erin

Jenny, we miss you and John. Hope all is well @ CrossFit Stealth!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Additional Shoulder Prep – Pass Throughs / Double Unders
  • 3 Rds – Rest 2 min between efforts (Run hard)
    • Run 400m
    • 10 HSPU
    • 15 TTB
  • WOD # 2 – 8 x 100m shuttle (50m down / 50m back) – Rest 1 min between efforts
  • Accessory – Stretch hamstrings / calves

45 thoughts on “04/25/12 – Run. Fast.”

  1. Count me in for a tee 🙂 yayyyyy team Carroll!!! I mean I am your filipina daughter 🙂 love you guys!!

    1. Oh, yeah, if they run like the current t-shirts, then definitely a small for me, too. 🙂

  2. Lara! I thought you were my filipina daughter! Count me in for a tee shirt…medium. Got my tickets and room. Can’t wait to go and support Tim!

  3. ok I tried to think of a cool crossfit-themed acronym for TIM or CARROLL but I give up. Count me in for a tshirt! if they run the same as the crossfit shirt I have already, then M. THANKS!

    1. How about:

      TIM–That’s It, Mo-fos! 😉
      TIM–Time Is Mine!
      CARROLL–Capturing it All at Regionals; Representing Our Loyal League

  4. Dottie’s definitely in for a tee-shirt: medium, please :). I love the idea for the shirt with CARROLL on the back 😉 (Probably because my last name is Carroll, too!! haha!!) But, really…
    I think we should make signs, too! All that fun stuff to support Tim!!! This is going to be so fun!!! xoxo

  5. What about using one of the pics of Tim from regionals last year to make a silhouette for the back of the shirt. 

    Let me know if you want help with the T.

  6. Well I can’t make it to regionals bc I have to work, but I’d love a shirt – medium please!

  7. Hey Guys! If anyone is looking to car pool, I will be driving up Thursday night and driving back late Sunday night. Thursday night I’m planning on staying at my cousins place in Boston, then driving to Regionals in the am (about 40 minute drive). I’m trying to save a little money on hotel costs! So we would just be staying at the hotel Friday night and Saturday night. I have a little two door so I could prob fit 2 people comfortably. Let me know if anyone is interested!

  8. MOM! I WANT ONE!! size medium around the stomach/waist and large around my biceps..thanks!! hahahah jk..size shmedium please. welcome home guys!

    1. I was thinking we all could just be drinking tequila sodas w/ a splash of grapefruit while Tim competes…

  9. Thanks for the shout out! We miss you too!! John and I both want a tshirt also..we will most likely be at regionals cheering Tim on! We can pick them up when you get them in. Me – small, John- medium

  10. Ooh yea.. size small for me too!! ps are my signs from last year still around?? I thought my acrostic poem for TIM was pretty good 🙂

  11. We are going up Friday morning and returning Sunday sometime. Staying at Red Roof Inn in Foxboro-Mansfield. (One of the few places we could get at this late date.) If someone needs a ride, let me know.