04/26/12 – Goal?

GOALS!  – Every one-to-three months we put a date up on the whiteboard and ask the members to list a goal. This goal can be personal, health related, career related, etc.  We cleared the board in early April and asked people to put up goals for Memorial Day.  So, what happened?  About 20% of our membership (weak sauce) listed a goal.  I don’t believe that 80% of you don’t have goals.  If you need guidance, one of the trainers would be more than happy to assist you.  You can even email me!  I’m not a motivational speaker, but I know how good it feels to walk up to the goal board, grab the red marker, and circle that one thing you were striving to achieve. You have about 1-month left to reach a goal.  Make it direct.  Make it something you can practice 3x per week. Make it simple.  Pick a weakness, ask yourself to do a little better, and get the privelage to use the red marker.

Here is the previous goal board.  Some red marker, but not enough.  How can we help you get your goals?

Here are some upcoming events in case you missed them.

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up / Mental prep for goal setting
  • Additional Warm Up – Goal writing
  • WOD – Goal Work
  • Accessory – Goal Work


9 thoughts on “04/26/12 – Goal?”

  1. Are you referring to shirtless WOD? Unless Tim wants scare members away, I am pushing back the date….

  2. When’s the CMC Demo thing? isn’t it this weekend? Who’s doing the CMC? Maybe that should be my goal.