04/27/12 – Civilian Military Combine Saturday Demo @ 9am/10am

Sunday 04/29- Summit Street Fair.  CrossFit 908 will have a booth.  Come check us out!

If you signed up for May 12th’s beerfest in Berkeley Heights, please bring in your $25 for Erin.

The Civilian Military Combine will be in the gym Saturday for a demonstration.  Both classes will be doing the same workout.  Come check it out!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Back Squat – 40% of 1RM x 20 x 2
  • WOD – 3Rds For Time
    • 40 Double Unders
    • 30 Overhead Walking Lunges (1-for-1) – 45#/25#
    • 20 Pull ups
  • Accessory – Just chill out for 10 minutes.  Lay down, relax.

3 thoughts on “04/27/12 – Civilian Military Combine Saturday Demo @ 9am/10am”

  1. Dude- the ‘accessory’ portion for Friday was not listed on the board today… I would have ROCKED that portion of the workout!

    It’s a good one- enjoy all!