05/15/12 – Nutrition Challengers, Email me your info!

Congratulations to our very own Caitlin C. on getting married this past weekend!

Nutrition Challengeers!  This is what I need from you…

  • Your weight (Email me)
  • Your benchmark WOD and lift score (Email me)
  • Your nutrition score (Email me)
  • Your after pictures (Email me or take them at the gym)
Dottie and TKal

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • 4 Rds – Not For Time
    • 7 Pull Ups (Strict or Weighted)
    • 12 of the best push ups you have ever done
  • 8 min AMRAP
    • Increasing rep scheme starting at 3,6,9,12,15….
      • Push Press (95/65)
      • Box Jump (24″/20″)
  • Accessory – 50 toes to bar immediately after finishing the workout
  • Stretch

5 thoughts on “05/15/12 – Nutrition Challengers, Email me your info!”

  1. Congrats, Caitlin!! Hope it was absolutely wonderful ;).
    This workout’s gonna be a good one :).

  2. Congrats Caitlin!! You look so beautiful in the pics!!! 🙂 So happy for you guys!