05/20/12 – The Nutrition Challenge Winners Are….

I don’t know, because not everyone has sent me their information!  I can’t award anyone their hard earned cash until I get all weights, scores, points, etc.  Please, if you know you owe me something, send it to me no later than Monday night.  If you started the nutrition challenge and bowed out, please let me know as well.  I would love to announce the winners before Memorial Day Weekend.  Email all of your information to [email protected]

MDW Schedule – We will be closed Saturday, 05/26 and Monday, 05/28.

This week at the 908…

  • Mon – Cleans & Triplet
  • Tue – Split Jerks & AMRAP
  • Wed – Intervals
  • Thur – Yours
  • Fri – Front Squat & Chipper
  • Saturday / Monday – Closed