05/23/15: Teamwork

Today’s Workout – For Time (Teams of 3)

  • 3K Row (Rotate every 500m – Should be sprint pace)
  • 100 Toes To bar (While one team member performs toes to bar, one must be hanging from the bar, and the third must be in a plank position.  Toes to bar cannot be performed unless the other two team members are in their positions.
  • 150 Burpees – Syncrhonized (50 each – No one member can get more than 1 burpee away from the other two)
  • 800M Team Run – 1 Team member carries a sandbag / 1 carries a plate overhead / 1 performs a farmers carry – Rotate as often as needed.  The team must stay together
My man, Bruce!
My man, Bruce!