05/31/18: Nutrition Challenge Info

Today’s Workout:

  • Strength – 7 x 4 Single Arm Press Each Arm + :30 Plank
  • Conditioning – For Time
    • 80 Wall Balls (Sx = 14#/10# – Rx = 20#/14#)
    • 60 Box Jump Overs (Sx = 20″/18″ – Rx = 24″/20″)
    • 40 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (Sx = 30#/20# – Rx = 50#/35# – CRx = 70#/50#)
    • 20 Single Arm Overhead Reverse Lunges EACH Arm (Same as snatch)
  • Accessory – 3 Sets – 20 Single Arm Banded Tricep Extensions + 10 Get Up Sit Ups Each Arm

CrossFit 908 – Summer 2018 4-Week Nutrition Challenge –

CrossFit 908 challenges you to eat, sleep, hydrate, and exercise well for four weeks (Paleo or Macros) (June 4 – July 1). We know how hard you all work in the gym, so why not work just as hard on your nutrition?  Fueling your body with proper nutrition is the key to getting to your fitness goals quicker.  We’ll be offering two different nutrition approaches for this challenge:  Paleo which is more of a food-quality approach to nutrition.  Think whole foods style diet avoiding grains, dairy, and sugar.  The Macros approach to nutrition focuses on the quantity of food you are eating and what the breakdown of that food looks like between carbs, fats, and protein.  You will have to weigh and measure your food for at least the first few weeks until you gain an understanding of what the macronutrient breakdown is of the foods you commonly eat.  We have had people have great success with both approaches.  It is up to you to see what approach will fit your lifestyle better.

Challengers will be partnered up in teams of two. You can select your partner, as long as it is not your significant other/spouse or you can email [email protected] to get paired up with another 908er. As a team you will report your daily points on the Facebook group as well as your scorecard at home. Yes, we will all be able to see each other’s daily scores and help each other stay accountable. We know you like to be pushed, so we will push you. We are stronger together!

Need a Coach?

We are so excited to have both Shirley and Christina on board to help give you your macronutrient breakdown as well as food guides to help you properly shop, prep, and eat your way to success.   The cost is $30 and spots are limited, so email [email protected] if you are interested.

How Does it Work?

Each challenger will get his/her own Spreadsheet Scorecard to record daily points in four areas: Nutrition, Hydration, Exercise, and Sleep. You will score yourself between +3 – 0 in nutrition and either +1 – -1 in the three other categories: Sleep, Hydration, & Exercise.

Daily scores must be self-reported by teams on the Facebook group as well as your home spreadsheet. Completed spreadsheets must be emailed to [email protected] by end of day on Tuesday, July 3rd.

What resources do I have?

Score Sheet/Rules: Download Here

Food: Kettlebell Kitchen is a food service that cooks both paleo friendly meals and macro friendly meals. All KBK meals are approved for the challenge. Order from Kettlebellkitchen.com.

Supplements: We encourage you to keep your focus on eating whole foods.  We will allow each challenger to have one protein shake of their choice post workout.

Facebook Event Group to exchange recipes, inspiration, Q&A

Are there Prizes?

Grand Prize (1 Team): Each member of the winning team will receive a free unlimited month to CF 908.

To join, email [email protected] by Sun 06/03 with your current weight & nutrition plan choice

Optional & Encouraged – Before and after photos of you from the front, back, & side.