06/05/14: Yoursday


  • New Class – Tuesdays @ 10am starting Tuesday, June 10
  • Summertime Paleo Challenge – Starts Monday, 06/09 – Details to come
  • Going Away Drinks for Meg and Jim Van Note –  Wednesday, June 11 – 7pm @ Delicious Heights.  Please help us give Jim and Meg a very warm goodbye, even though we hate that they are leaving.
  • Bob Coloney’s Children’s Network For Hope is hosting the 6th annual Patrick Alloca Memorial 5K Run/Walk on Sunday, June 8.  It is for a great cause.

Eric Cressey gives his thoughts on Olympic Lifting Shoes

Today is a programmed rest day at 908.  All classes follow the posted schedule. There is no set workout for today.  You can use any of the classes to make up a missed workout, complete Friday’s workout, work on a skill, lift something heavy, work on your endurance, or just mobilize.  If you need help with anything make sure you ask your coaches.

Optionals Back Squat – 1 x 20 @ 70% of 1RM (You can do it!)

Optional Endurance WOD – 5 Rds –

  • Row 500m
  • Run 400m
  • Rest 2 min
DMP smashing pull ups
DMP smashing pull ups