06/08/14: Paleo Challenge Starts Monday!

Hello All, we are going with a shotgun start on our newest paleo challenge.  I know a lot of you have done these challenges before, so you are probably chomping at the bit of asparagus, but the rest of you should read up on all the rules HERE.  Things to remember are that you have to weigh in, weigh out, keep track of your daily points which include exercise, sleep, hydration and mobility and post your points to the Facebook group EVERY day.  Send all starting weights to [email protected]. Good luck you animals!

Optional Snatch Sunday –

  • Teke 20 minutes and build to a 5RM Power Snatch (Touch and go)

The week ahead at your local muscle pumping zone:

  • Mon – Front Squat + Couplet
  • Tue – Secret Workout for Erin’s birthday
  • Wed – Ring Row/Ring Dip + Chipper
  • Thurs – Yours + Opt. Squat and Endurance
  • Fri – Power Clean + EMOM
  • Sat – Team Fun
  • Sun – Open + Opt Snatch

4 thoughts on “06/08/14: Paleo Challenge Starts Monday!”

      1. @ Ralph, there can never be too many rope climbs… Ripped-up shins are an Erin-birthday tradition.