06/09/12 – CrossFit For Hope! – 9am Only!

CrossFit For HopeWe have raised nearly $12,000 for St Jude’s in 12 days!!  CrossFit 908 is in the top ten of over 800 gyms worldwide!  The workout today is the CrossFit for Hope WOD.  The only class time is 9am, but we will be running a few heats.  If you cannot make it on Saturday, feel free to do it at the gym next Thursday.  Sign up here to register or sponsor one of CrossFit 908′s athletes!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – “Hope” – 3 Rounds w/ a 1 minute rest between rounds (This WOD will be scaled for most)
    • 1 min – Burpees
    • 1 min – Power Snatch (75#)
    • 1 min – Box Jumps (24″)
    • 1 min – Thruster (75#)
    • 1 min – Chest To Bar Pull Ups
  • Accessory – Celebrate what an amazing job you did fundraising and pushing yourself on the workout!

3 thoughts on “06/09/12 – CrossFit For Hope! – 9am Only!”

  1. INCREDIBLY AMAZING!!!! great job everyone on the fundraising! I can’t believe how much we were able to raise in 2 weeks. I have great pride in being part of CF908 and am super proud of all you guys.

    I won’t be able to make it tomorrow, but I know you guys will crush it. It’s hard, but remember it’s for the kids and they are suffering way more than we ever will in this wod.

    I’d love to hear how everyone does! I fell short of my goal by 11 reps… who wants to pick up my slack?? 🙂

    Have fun, give it your all!!

  2. Just some good results for the Paleo Diet,

    I started this diet with a nutrition challenge where I lost about 20 lbs with a strick 6 week run. Then kept the diet going but I have one day a week where I eat pretty much whatever I want.

    I got my blood work done 2 months into Cross Fit (about 7 months ago) ,a few weeks before the nutrion challenge. After 6 months of the Diet with the one cheat day I dropped my Cholesterol by 34 points, not sure if thats a big amount but it took me from being a “candidate” for medication to within normal limits, im rarely hungry and the only time I feel bad is on my cheat days. +1 Paleo Diet