06/09/14: Summer Nutrition Challenge Day #1

 Summer Nutrition Challenge Starts TODAY!


  • Challenge starts on June 9 and ends on July 11.  The points for day 1′s sleep is considered to be Sunday, June 8 into Monday, June 9.
  • Post your points on a daily basis – There is a Facebook group specifically for all challengers. If you don’t have FB, join it for the challenge.  It is a great way to share recipes and keep accountability.
  • You must weigh in – Weigh in between June 8 – June 12, and email [email protected] with your weight.  There is a scale at the gym for you to use.  You are welcome to weigh yourself on another scale, just make sure you use the same scale for the weigh out.  For the “weigh out” you must do so between July 9 – July 11.
Please download the following files:


Today’s Workout:

  • Strength – 7 x 1 Front Squat @ 93% or 5lbs heavier than last week.
  • Conditioning – 30-20-10
    • Farmers Lunges (Sx = 30#/20# – Rx = 40#/30# – CRx = 50#+/40#+)
    • Toes To Bar
  • Finisher – AMRAP2 – Sit Ups
Bruce getting that chin over the bar.
Bruce getting that chin over the bar.