To All 908 Members:

  • You must sign into ZenPlanner and pre-register for the classes you plan to attend.  Classes are capped at 20-people.  If the class is full, then you need to choose a different class.  If you show up, and the class is full, and there is not enough equipment/space, you will have to wait for a different class.  Since classes will be capped, please do not register for a class you will not attend.  Do your best to cancel yourself out at least a half hour before the class so others that may be on the wait list can attend.  If it becomes a problem, those who register and don’t attend will be charged for that class.
  • You must input your credit card information into ZenPlanner.  It did not transfer when we made the switch. Once your credit card information is in ZenPlanner, you will be placed on autopay, and renewed at your current membership.  Your membership is renewed the day after your old one expires.  We are a gym, and a for profit business, and your membership will renew just like it would at any other business.  If your membership expires on a Monday, and you won’t be back until Friday, you will still be renewed as of Tuesday. As a mom and pop gym we look to work with our clients as much as possible, so please try to put yourself in our shoes when asking favors.
Jason loves jump squats!
Yay! Burpees!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • 5×2 Power Snatch – Rest 60 sec
  • WOD – For Time – 30-20-10 reps of
    • Push Press (115#/75#)
    • Burpee Box Jump (24″20″)
  • Accessory – 3×15 Toes To Bar – Rest 60 sec
  • Stretch

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