06/27/18: Wednesday


In an effort to keep our efforts focused on coaching and helping each person in the class as much as possible, we will no longer be writing workout results on the whiteboard.  Of course we encourage you to continue to record your own results and data as a measure of progress.  In addition, you can use the app sugarwod which a number of 908ers currently use.  Freeing up the last few minutes of class will allow the coaches to better help with accessory work and help address any questions regarding the workout.


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Today’s Workout:

  • Strength – 20 min.
    • Build to a 5 RM Front Squat
  • Conditioning – Partner WOD
    • AMRAP 8 – Max Cal Row (alternate as desired)
    • Rest 1 min.
    • AMRAP 8 – Max Cal Assault Bike (alternate as desired)
  • Accessory
    • Collect 3 min. in a Sandbag Frontal Plane Hold