06/28//14: Relay Sandwich

Today’s Workout (Teams of 3)

  • 2,700M Row – Rotating every 300m
  • Then complete the following with one person at each station
    • 200 Wall Balls (Sx = 14#/10# – Rx = 20#/14#)
    • 150 Burpees
    • 100 Toes To Bar
  • 2,700M Run – One person runs at a time rotating every 300m.
    • Coach’s Note – On both the row and run today, each person should be sprinting.  You are getting a 2:1 rest/work ratio which is ample recovery for you to push on each effort.  Nothing slow about today.

As much as our gym is about fitness, it is also about the bonds and friendships that are made.  Post workout chatting is where it’s at.  Awesome pic of two of 908’s greats, Anthony and Brianna.