07/15/12 – Sunday Update

Congratulations to all of the 908ers who ran in the Amber Pizzio Memorial Foundation 5k today.  Carla M., Laurie Z., Scott C., and Heather H., all finished first in their age group! What an amazing representation.  You guys are all awesome for going out and supporting a great cause.

908 family at the Amber Pizzio 5k Run!

Also, congrats to Brian N. and Tobey H. who competed in the warrior challenge down in Avon, NJ on Saturday.  Rumor has it both of them did exceptional.

This week @ 908…

  • Mon – Chipper
  • Tue – Front Squat + Chipper
  • Wed – Pull Ups + couplets
  • Thurs – Yours
  • Fri – Shoulder Press + couplet
  • Sat – Triplet

3 thoughts on “07/15/12 – Sunday Update”

    1. Brian Nevins Jr

      Did Heather run the 5k Sunday after she did the warrior on Saturday? Is she human?