08/03/12 – Pulling Friday

Congrats to Juan G. on not only getting his first muscle up, but then subsequently linking 3 muscle ups in  a row!  Also, Meg B. just deadlifted 315lbs!  You both rock!

  • Skill – 15 min to work on power snatch
  • WOD – 6 x 500m row – Rest 2 min or alternate with a partner
  • Accessory – Max Push Ups in 2 minutes
Gita rocking the overhead lunges with no problem!

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7 thoughts on “08/03/12 – Pulling Friday”

  1. It was a great feeling to get the muscle-ups. Jake Jim and Brian helped me trmendously. Thanks guys!

  2. Congrats Juan and Meg!! So proud of you guys!! 🙂 Can’t wait to see it in person and take notes 😉