08/22/12: CF 908 Yankees Game Outing 09/14

On Friday, September 14th, there will be a 908 outing to a Yankees game.  The Yankees are playing Tampa @ 7:05pm.  Steve V. and Sid M. are in charge of organizing the event. If there are 20+ people interested, the cost will be around $22 per ticket for the grandstand. If there is a smaller group, the ticket prices will be about $50 per ticket.  If you are interested please post to the comments section, and bring $50 to the gym.  Any change will be given once the tickets are purchased.  Money is due by this Friday, 08/24. So far we have almost 10 people.  Thanks!

Just in… Stronger Faster Healthier Recovery Whey Protein and Super Omega 3 Fish Oil.  SFH proteins are derived from grass fed cow herds, not treated with hormones or antibiotics.  Omega-3 Oil, formulated to control inflammation, contains 2.7 grams of EPA and DHA per teaspoon. It’s gluten free, sugar free, and soy free. We carry the vanilla and chocolate Recovery Whey Protein at $59.99 for a 2 lb. bag. SO3 Omega-3 Fish Oil is $34.99 for 6 oz. bottle. We will be sampling tangerine, lemon, mint, chocolate, and vanilla fish oil at the gym. If you would like to place a special order, contact Heather at [email protected].

  • Conditioning – 6RFT
    • 400m Run
    • 10 HP Dumbbell Snatch Right Arm (20-30/30-40)
    • 10 HP Dumbbell Snatch Left Arm
    • 10 HSPU (rx is 25#s to 1 abmat)
  • Accessory – 3 x 15 Toes To Bar
Stina crushing toes to bar.