08/24/17: 908 BBQ on Saturday!

Today’s Workout:

  • Skill – Double Unders – 10 min to work on jumping mechanics, arm position, rope speed, and timing.  For those of you proficient with double unders, work on triple unders.
  • Today’s Workout:
    • 4 Sets – Rest 3 min after each set – Follow the leader style on the bikes
      • 20 / 15 Calorie Assault Bike
      • 200m Single Arm Farmer’s Carry (Alternate as needed) – Challenge your grip!
      • 50 Double Unders (Sx = 1min of attempts or 100 singles)
      • Note: On The Farmer’s Carry, make sure to keep good posture with shoulders retracted and lats engaged.  Being that this is a single arm carry, you will likely feel like you are being pulled down on one side.  Try to stay balance and do NOT lean to the other side. The goal is to fight agains the desire to lean away from the weight.
  • Finisher – Collect a total of 1 min in a handstand hold.  If using the wall is easy, practice freestanding.

Upcoming Events –

  • 908 BBQ @ Juan Grana’s Saturday, 08/26 @ 3pm – Juan Grana will be hosting a BBQ for all 908 members.  All family and friends are welcome.  Juan’s address is 35 Mary Ellen Drive, Edison, NJ 08820. Juan will be providing burgers and dogs. Please bring an item of food or drink of your choice. Juan’s backyard is like a adult playground with a pool, volleyball, ping pong, and many more games. We hope to see many of you there!
  • Berkeley Heights 5K Run – 09/17 @ 9:30am at Memorial Field in Berkeley Heights – We are signed on as one of the sponsors for the event, and we really want to show our support for a fantastic charity run that helps support so many good causes in Berkeley Heights.  We hope to have a sea of 908 t-shirts out there running.  CLICK HERE to register.
  • Our 6th Annual Garden State Open on Saturday, 10/07 – There are still some spots left to compete. We also need judges and volunteers.  CLICK HERE to sign up to help out!
The Zimm’s!