08/31/17: Last Call For Nutrition Challenge

Nutrition Challenge?  Post your interest to the comments section.  We would plan to start around 9/11 or 9/18.

Today’s Workout –

  • Strength – 15 min to build to a heavy power clean
  • Conditioning – “Riot at Sturgis”
    • 1 Mile Assault Bike
    • 20 Power Cleans @ 70% of power clean in strength
    • 30 Handstand Push Ups (Sx = Heavy DB Push Press / Rx = Head to Ground / CRx = 4″/2″ Deficit”
  • Finisher – 400m Heavy Front Rack Carry
A few of our ladies flying up the hill!

14 thoughts on “08/31/17: Last Call For Nutrition Challenge”

  1. Allison is away so I’m speaking on her behalf when I say yes. Count two in on this. And if she comes back from Montana all kinds of Paleo and part owner on a Buffalo Ranch ……. I’m still counting in for 2 people.