09/12/14: Squat Day

  • Nutrition Challenge: October 1 – 31, who is in?  Also, who is interested in bringing back the dunk tank to test their body fat percentages?  We used this service for last fall’s nutrition challenge, and we had great feedback. Please write post to comments if you would like to test your body fat percentage before & after the challenge ($100 for both testings).  See flyer for more details.
  • Save the date: This October marks CrossFit 908’s fifth birthday!  We will be throwing a 5th anniversary party on the gym on Saturday, November 1. It’s going to be the best one yet!

Today’s Workout:

  • Back Squat – Take 20 min and work to a heavy triple
  • Conditioning – AMRAP15 (3-5 people)
    • 80ft Sled Push (wtd is allowed)
    • 10 Toes To Bar
    • Note – In teams of 3 you can wait until each teammate has completed his/her 10 toes to bar prior to starting the next person on the sled.  In teams of 5, athletes can start immediately after the person in front of them completes the sled push.
  • 50 Hollow Body Rocks / 50 Supermans

Dave F. and his wife, Beth, after completing the NJ Super Spartan.

Dave Fitt

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