09/14/17: Policy Reminders/Changes…

Dear 908ers,

As our community continues to grow we have seen certain classes fill up.  We’re extremely happy and honored that you all love coming to 908, but we are seeing some people take advantage of our policies and that is causing overcrowding in classes. Our policy is clear: You must register for a class to reserve your spot.  If you do not register, please do not show up.  Everyone has a smart phone.  Registering takes less than a minute and can be done at any point leading up to a class.  You can even do it in the parking lot at the gym before you walk in, but if you wait that long and the class is full, then we will not be able to accommodate you.  We will no longer be accepting people who have not registered for classes that are already full.  It is not fair to show up and put the coach on the spot to make an exception.  The 908 staff will refrain from registering for classes so that clients have full access to the schedule.  In cases where the class is full, 908 staff will take a back seat to ensure the class is safe and has enough equipment.
As far as no shows go, it has come to a boiling point.  The 5am is averaging over 3 no shows every day, and there are people wait listed nearly every day.  As a result we have changed both the reservation window and cancellation window for all classes.  All classes now open for registration 36 hours in advance.  No longer can you reserve a whole week in advance and then hit the snooze button.  In addition, the cancellation window is now 8 hours for ALL classes.  5am must sign out by 9pm the night before, 6am by 10pm, so on and so forth.  And no, the workout not being on the blog is not an excuse as to why you signed out late.  Posting the Sunday update and workout the night before is a nice thing we do, not something we have to do and not something many other gyms do.
These kinds of posts are annoying and some people will skim through and not read it, but there are a lot of you who do follow the policies and I know that the overcrowding, late cancels and no shows are real issues.  Our goal is to run a business where client safety and satisfaction are #1.  I would rather irritate a few and please most over pissing off most just so a few can do what they want.  We’re a business, and we’re going to run things like a business.
As the late great Notorious B.I.G. said, “If you don’t know, now you know.”
If anyone has any comments please feel free to email Erin or me.
Today’s Workout:
  • Conditioning – 7 Rounds Each For Time
    • Row 250m
    • 50 Double Unders – (Sx = 1 min of attempts or 100 Singles)
    • 10 Ring Dips (CRx = 5 Ring Muscle Ups)
    • Rest 2 min between each round
  • Finisher – 3 x 1:00 Weighted Plank
Some bros