09/18/14: My Day

Usually Thursday is Yoursday, but today marks my 4-year wedding anniversary.  Well it’s both Erin’s and mine, so iI guess today is Oursday.  Anyhow, since I have control of this thing I wanted to let her know that she is the perfect woman and how amazing she is for keeping 908 and our lives in order while I’m not around.  Erin, you are so beautiful, smart, and strong and the perfect counterbalance to my disorganized, impatient, leaving-all-the-lights-on-in-the-house self.  Thank you for saying, “Yes,” and thank you for making our lives so much more fun, adventurous, and organized!  I love you.


Soooooo……today is still yoursday.  Today is a programmed rest day at CrossFit 908  You can come to any of the regularly scheduled classes to make up a missed workout, work on a skill, lift something heavy, mobilize, hang, or just do whatever.  Be respectful with how much space you take up.  Enjoy the day.


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