09/27/12: Back Squat + Bechmark WOD

  • Strength – 3 x 10 Back Squat (Add 5lbs from 09/07 or complete @ 80%)
  • WOD – 2 options today
    • 2k Row – This is the benchmark workout for the Paleo Challenge, and in general it is a fantastic gauge of your cardio respiratory and muscular endurance.
    • OR – 9 x 200m Hill Sprints.  Starting at the bottom of the driveway in the back, run to the second stop sign.  You will run in phases.  Easy, Medium, and Hard. There is no stopping during this workout.  You will run your first 200m at an easy/talking pace, and then jog down.  As soon as you get down, turn around and pick up the pace a little to a medium pace.  At the top, turn around and jog down. Finally, when you get back to the bottom, turn around and sprint up the hill.  Complete this progression three times.  Always keep moving!  Times are not important.  What is important is being consistent with your pace up the hill, and making sure you JOG down and try to recover.  Thanks Rich G. for this awesome workout!
  • Accessory – Hollow Hold – 2 minutes


Preggers and looking awesome! Go Tkal! BTW, nice snatch....

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