09/29/14: Eating Clean and Squatting Heavy

CrossFit 908’s next Nutrition Challenge starts on Wednesday, October 1st.  Weigh-ins start today, so please send all weigh-ins to [email protected].  All the challenge’s pertinent information can be found here.   Please join the Facebook group to post your daily points.  The challenge will last from Oct 1- Oct 31.  Body fat testing dunk tank is coming today and appointments are still available from 8am-9pm, just make sure you bring a bathing suit and towel!  Looking forward to some great success stories!

We will be getting back to back squats for October as well as incorporating more deadlifts. You will see a progression with our strength training over the next 8-12 weeks.  We gonna get strong!

Today’s Workout:

  • Strength – Back Squat 3 x 5 @ 87% of 3RM (No more than 5-10# increase from last week)
  • Conditioning – AMRAP10 –
    • 1 Strict Toes To Bar
    • 1 Burpee
    • 1 Box Jump (Sx = 20″/18″ – Rx = 24″/20″ – CRx = 30″/24″)
    • 2 Strict Toes To Bar
    • 2 Burpee
    • 2 Box Jump
    • 3/3/3 – Continue for 10 minutes
  • Finisher – Tabata Hollow Hold
Michael is back and looking strong!
Michael is back and looking strong!

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