10/02/14: Nutrition Challenge Day #2


Yesterday was the beginning of the Nutrition Challenge.  Here is your checklist:

Yoga will go on a break….Karen Kelly will be away visiting family out west.  No yoga starting Thursday, October 2nd for two weeks.  Yoga resumes on Sunday October 19th.

Tim is heading home for good on Friday. Erin is throwing him a little welcome home party on Saturday at King Bennie’s at 8PM, hope you all can make it.  https://www.facebook.com/events/313017025544890/

Today is a programmed rest day at CrossFit 908.  However, you can use any of today’s regularly scheduled classes to work on a skill, lift, condition, or just hang out.  Ask your coaches for help.  Work on your weaknesses and those things that you hate.  You won’t hate them once you get better at them.  I promise!  Be conscious of how much space you take up.

My mother-in-law is stronger than yours!
My mother-in-law is stronger than yours!

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