10/05/18: Friday

Classes are canceled this Saturday 10/06 due to our 7th annual GSO.  You will be able to attend the 7 & 8 AM classes at Central.  Please reserve beforehand.
908 members can spectate at the GSO for free!
Come support the community and our fellow 908 competitors!
NO parking at the gym Saturday.  Please follow signs for street parking or park at the train station or at CVS/Stop n Shop

Today’s Workout:

  • Conditioning
    EMOM 20 – :30 on|:30 off

    1. Cal Bike
    2. Toes to Bar
    3. KB Swings
    4. 20″ Box Jumps (Scale as Needed)
  • Accessory
    • Collect 3 min. in a Single Arm KB Front Rack March (Alternate as Desired)

***If you’re doing the GSO do:
20 min. – 1:30 on|:30 off
Moderate Paced Row