10/12/12: Shoulders and Abs Bro

  • Strength – 5×5 Push Press (All sets should be heavier than last weeks 5×5 Press)
  • Conditioning – 4 Rounds For Time
    • 10 Thrusters (95#/65#)
    • 20 Push Ups
    • 30 V-Ups

Paleo Challengers – Due to the momentous occasion of CrossFit 908’s third birthday party on Saturday, 10/13, all of the challengers are granted a free day to eat and drink whatever they please.  Here is how the day works.  You will not be penalized for any non-paleo meals or drinks, but you can achieve 8 points by eating 3 paleo meals and working out.  Only your positives will count for the day, ie. one paleo meal and a workout will give you 4 points regardless of whatever else you did during the day.  Enjoy your freedom, but be careful, you WILL feel like crap.  You all are doing so well so far, so don’t go off the deep end!

We are proud to have Big Jay from Brazen Athletics as the official Emcee of the Garden State Open!  There are definitely going to be a couple motivational speeches for the competitors, and maybe even one for the spectators.

Jay hitting a quick warm up set.